Taku Gold Corp. (CSE:TAK|OTC:TAKUF) is a leading mineral exploration company in Canada’s Yukon Territory. The Company is concentrated on exploration and resource development in accessible regions of Yukon. Taku is currently focused on its large property portfolio in the White Gold-Dawson Range district where there is one active mine and several advanced development projects. This region is also the site of numerous significant gold discoveries recently and is rapidly emerging as the heart of the new Yukon Gold Rush. Taku also holds properties in the historical Keno Hill silver district of Yukon where the former silver mines are being revived and a major gold deposit is being developed. 

Taku is led by a team with a track record of discovery that has the financial capacity and technical expertise to fully exploit the Company’s impressive exploration portfolio. We have a clear objective to create value, leverage investment risk and maximize the probability of long-term success by executing an aggressive, disciplined, innovative, exploration approach.