Tag Gold

Location & Access 35 kilometres west of Atlin in Northern B.C.; barge or boat access, helicopter access year-round
Size 26 claims, 2,429 hectares
Ownership Held 100% subject to underlying 2.5% NSR royalty
Work to date Soil geochemistry, airborne and ground geophysics, trenching,
11,476m of drilling in 69 drill holes
Initial NI43-101 resource estimate
Target Structurally hosted orogenic lode gold
Adjacent Projects 6 kilometres north of the historic Engineer gold mine

The Tag property is located on the east shore of Taku Arm of Tagish Lake approximately 35 kilometres due west of the village of Atlin in Northwestern British Columbia.  The property is accessible by boat and barge from a launch located approximately 90 kilometres to the north just over the B.C.-Yukon border.  It is about a 50-minute drive from the launch to the major service centre of Whitehorse, Yukon.  The property can be reached by helicopter at any time of the year either from Atlin or Whitehorse.  Taku has established an extensive network of trails on the property suitable for all-terrain and tracked vehicles.  Heavy equipment is available at a Brooklands Wilderness Lodge located just off the north end of the property.


Prospecting resulted in the discovery of gold and silver mineralisation on the Tag property in early 1987 along a sub-vertical, northeast-trending structure referred to as the 025 Fault Zone or “025FZ”.  The structure is easily traced by a strong lineament along a distance of 6.5 kilometres within the property boundaries.  The 025FZ is a complex system of ductile and brittle deformation that sharply cuts well-bedded sedimentary host rocks including argillites, siltstones, greywackes and conglomerates.  Mineralization within the structure consists of quartz-carbonate veins, stockworks and breccias.  Shearing is often marked by intense graphite alteration.  Pyrite and arsenopyite sulphides are found as fine-grained disseminations and thin veinlets throughout the fault zone and in the adjacent wall rock contacts.


Between 2006 and 2008, Taku completed airborne geophysical, soil geochemical and prospecting surveys as well as surface trenching and 11,476 metres of core drilling in 69 drill holes.  The drilling intersected the 025FZ at wide-spaced intervals over a distance of 4.5 kilometres.  The bulk of the drilling was done at the far south end of the 025FZ in the “Main” zone.  In 2009 an independent, preliminary National Instrument 43-101 mineral resource was estimated from 28 holes drilled on the Main zone within a 900 metre long segment of the 025FZ1.


The mineral resource estimate included 250,000 tonnes @ 3.0 grams per tonne (“gpt”) gold (“Au”) and 12.1gpt silver (“Ag”) classified as indicated mineral resources and a further 400,000 tonnes @ 3.0gpt Au and 9.9gpt Ag classified as inferred mineral resources.  The estimated mineral resources contain 25,736 gold-equivalent ounces (cut) or 26,848 gold-equivalent ounces (uncut) in the indicated category and 40,705 gold-equivalent ounces (cut) or 42,528 gold-equivalent ounces (uncut) in the inferred category.  The estimation used a minimum core length of 2.0 metres, and a minimum value cut-off grade of 3.0gpt gold equivalent (combined gold and silver values) calculated on silver to gold ratio of 59.9278 based on the three year average prices of gold US$830 per ounce and silver at US$13.85 per ounce.


Recent Developments

The Tag property remains wide open for further exploration.  In 2008 a new target area was located about four kilometres along the 025FZ north of the Main zone close to the historical “Barney” showing.  The Barney area is marked by a well-defined magnetic high outlined by the airborne geophysical data.  Mapping, prospecting and ground geophysics completed in 2016 shows that the magnetic high is due to a complex of quartz diorite stocks emplaced adjacent to the 025FZ.  Extensive zones of quartz breccia have developed along the margins of the quartz diorite bodies.  Grab samples of the quartz breccia have retuned gold values up to 7.8gpt Au.  The strong gold tenor and relatively large dimensions of the quartz breccia suggests that this area is a good target for a large tonnage precious metal deposit.  Taku is actively seeking a partner for further exploration of the Tag property focused primarily on the new Barney target area.


  1. Reddick, J. and Armstrong T. (2009): Technical report on resource estimates for the Tag property , Northern British Columbia


Press Releases

July 20, 2017 – Taku acquires strategic properties from Golden Predator in White Gold district of Yukon